The Book of Turtles

of time and turtles by sy montgomery

by Sy Montgomery, Matt Patterson (Illustrator)
HarperCollins (05/02/2023) 9780358458074


From National Book Award finalist and New York Times bestseller Sy Montgomery comes an ode to some of the most diverse, fascinating, and beloved species on the planet: turtles. With dazzling illustrations and emotionally engaging, fact-filled text, this picture book will speak to the wisdom these long-lived animals can lend. The clear, simple language is easy enough to kids to read—but the surprising info and classy art will appeal to readers of all ages.

From the Publisher:

batagur turtleEveryone loves turtles. And no wonder: long-lived, unhurried, and ancient, these shelled reptiles are fascinating. Turtles are also endlessly surprising. There are turtles with soft shells, turtles with googly eyes, turtles with necks longer than their bodies, and turtles whose shells glow in the dark! And each turtle, of each of the more than 300 kinds, is an individual You’ll meet some of them on these pages: Lonesome George, the last of his kind on Earth. And Myrtle, the 90-year-old green sea turtle, who has more than 7,000 followers on Facebook.

What questions would you ask a turtle? You’ll find many of the answers in this gorgeous compendium—and perhaps be inspired to help at a time these reptiles, who evolved at the same time as the dinosaurs, face the deadliest dangerous of their more than 350-million year history.

Watch a short video with lots of cool turtles walking around.