Secrets of the Octopus

secrets of the octopus by sy montgomery

by Sy Montgomery (Author)
National Geographic (March 19, 2024) ISBN-10 1426223722

From the Publisher:

This new book—written by the beloved author of the international bestseller The Soul of an Octopus and enhanced with vivid National Geographic photography—brings us closer than ever to these elusive creatures. This magical journey into the world of the octopus will reveal how the large and capable brain of these creatures occupies their whole body—not just their heads—and they can actually adjust their genetic makeup to respond to the demands of the environment. It will allow readers to watch them change shape and color in order to camouflage themselves more effectively than any other species. And it will divulge how octopus mothers give their all in order to bring forth a new generation.

With this offering, acclaimed author Sy Montgomery—known, thanks to her bestselling book, as “the octopus whisperer”—returns to the species she knows and loves, offering current and compassionate stories about the scientists on the front lines of octopus research and conservation.

For all animal lovers—and especially those drawn to this marine being—this will be a book to relish, for both is fascinating imagery and its charming storytelling.