Spell of the Tiger Reviews

Spell of the Tiger: Man-Eaters of the Sundarbans
Houghton Mifflin, 1995

Spell of the Tiger

“Sy Montgomery’s Spell of the Tiger should be distributed free of charge and pharmaceutical outlets in China, Hong Kong, the Chinatowns of New York and San Francisco, and wherever tiger parts are sold—Her prose is so succinct, her descriptions so moving, that we journey with her through the Sundarbans into our own conscience.”
—New Asia Review

—The Washington Post

“Sy Montgomery puts the fear of God into you with her tales of the great mangrove swamp of Sundarbans.”
—Los Angeles Times

“In a spiritual comprehension, people of the Sundarbans know that without the tiger, their human world is incomplete.”

“A tantalizing glimpse of the shifting boundary between nature and myth.”

—The New York Times

“Not since Jim Corbett wrote Man-Eaters of Kumaon has there been a better book on tigers. Never has there been a better book on the coastal forests of India and Bangladesh and the people who inhabit them. Spell of the Tiger is a work of genius, filled with beauty and suspense.”
—Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Tribe of Tiger

“Spell of the Tiger is a splendid, transcendental book, distilled like brandy. Lovers of nature should love it.”
—Edward Hoagland, author of Red Wolves and Black Bears and The Courage of Turtles