The Hawk’s Way

By Sy Montgomery
Atria Books (May 3, 2022), 9781668001967

The Hawks Way: Encounters with Fierce Beauty

When Sy Montgomery went to spend the day at falconer Nancy Cowan’s farm, home to a dozen magnificent birds of prey, it was the start of a deep love affair. Nancy allowed her to work with Jazz, a feisty, four-year-old Harris hawk with a wingspan of more than four feet. Not a pet, Jazz was a fierce predator who could pierce skin and bone, and yet she willing to work with a human to hunt. From the moment Jazz flew down from a tree and landed on Sy’s leather-gloved fist, Sy fell under the hawk’s magnetic spell.

Sy Montgomery releasing broadwing
Sy Montgomery releasing broadwing

Over the next few years, Sy spent more time with these magnificent creatures, getting to know their extraordinary abilities and instincts. Sy passionately and vividly reveals the wondrous world of hawks and what they can teach us about nature, life and life.