New book proceeds go to benefit Bird Lovers Only

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo by Sy MontgomeryNew book. All my proceeds go to benefit Bird Lovers Only.

Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, for kids in grades 3 and up, is the true story of how an unwanted cockatoo achieved international fame as a YouTube sensation, television star, and scientific study subject, all by rocking out to the beat of his favorite tunes.

Snowball tells the story (well, this is what he would have said if his language skills were as good as his dancing.) But everything he says is true, including how he inspired the World’s First Bird Dance-Off Contest, became the subject of a groundbreaking study about music and the brain, and has now gone into teaching children how to dance and doing charity work.

The book is illustrated with the whimsical paintings of my friend, Judith Oksner.

All author’s proceeds from this book go to benefit Bird Lovers Only, the bird rescue where Snowball now lives.

How to get the book?

  • Order through (all these copies are signed by Sy and Judith!)
  • Order through University Press of New England at
  • Ask for it at your local independent bookstore (the ISBN is 978-087233-156-3)