In bookstores now: The Soul of an Octopus

The Soul of an OctopusJust published — May 15. In bookstores now: The Soul of an Octopus –A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness. Atria Books | 272 pages | ISBN 9781451697711

The Soul of an Octopus is one of GoodReads Best Books of the Month for May 2015. “What an incredible story. It shows how interconnected all living things are on our planet and creates a reverence for all who reside here. Remarkable.”

Octopus on the radio. Our world is really the remnants of a previous one, says one Hawaiian story, and the only survivor of that previous world is the octopus. How did it survive? It slipped between a crack in the two worlds. Listen to Sy talk about The Soul of an Octopus on PRI’s The World. And on WGBH’s talk show Boston Public Radio.

Two legs good, eight legs best: five reasons to love octopuses. As if you needed any reasons for Octo Love. Read this article in The Guardian.