Sy’s Orion story reprinted

Octopus in Hebrew! Haaretz, in Jerusalem, has reprinted Sy’s Orion story.

Thomas Remp, a student photographer and writer Sy met during a visit to Franklin Pierce University, founded the website to promote and inspire young people in their creative endeavors. Click here for his interview with Sy.

Bank of American in Redmond, OregonThe Undercover Quilters strike again! This talented group of a dozen avid readers and quilters meet monthly create quilts inspired by their favorite books. The Good Good Pig was their first project.

You may recall seeing their quilts on display at the nationally-recognized Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, which is posted under the information about The Good Good Pig on this website.

Janelle Rebick What Is Beer But Liquid- GrainNow their amazing tribute to Christopher Hogwood and friends is hanging at Bank of American in Redmond, Oregon, for the next two months.

Sy talked by speakerphone with about 30 children and their parents at the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library in Mansfield, Ohio on January 16. The children had read Kakapo Rescue and Quest for the Tree Kangaroo. Children’s Librarian Amanda Fensch set up the program. Sy thanks everyone for all the good questions.

Mansfield/Richland County Public Library in Mansfield, OhioOne parent asked: How did you become interested in animals?

Sy’s answer: “I always loved animals, from the moment I could see. I was born in Germany, and before I was two I managed somehow to toddle into the hippo pen at the zoo, to my parents’ horror. The hippos obviously didn’t bother me at all, and I felt at ease among them.”

student holding Snow Leopard book