Sy’s story “Deep Intellect” in Orion magazine

octopusSy’s story “Deep Intellect” on the mind of the octopus in the November-December issue of Orion magazine is generating a great deal of interest in cephalopod consciousness!

The story was recommended:

as the top Longread of the week of November 1 on—picks of the best longform journalism stories of the week;

in Andrew Sullivan’s popular blog in The Daily Beast;

in the Boston Globe’s idea blog;

The story is featured in radio interviews with Sy on the national environmental radio show, Living on Earth and WRCT in Pittsburgh (we’ll post them when they’re released under “Media” on this website)

and in a live, online event, with New England Aquarium’s Scott Dowd and Animal Behaviorist Marc Bekoff hosted by Orion November 15 at 7 EST hosted by Orion (see story above for how to sign up and participate)

The story will also appear in Hebrew thanks to an Israeli news service!