Octo book keeps on swimming

Octo book keeps on swimming. For the week of June 12 The Soul of an Octopus is on these regional bestseller lists:

#7 – New England Independent Booksellers Association

#6 – Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

#7 – Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

#4 – Northern California Independent Booksellers Association

Katy Perry and her sad sharks
Katy Perry and her sad sharks
The Great White Shark Scientist is published today, June 7. Above is an exclusive photo of the festivities at the publishing offices of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

The Soul of an Octopus is in its 6th printing for the paperback and the 12th printing for the hardcover.

“Don’t Panic: More Sharks Are Lurking Near Massachusetts’ Busiest Beaches.” Sy speaks up for sharks on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, WBUR’s Radio Boston and NHPR’s Word of Mouth.

“The great white shark gets a bad rap…. According to writer and naturalist Sy Montgomery, it’s time to set the record straight. ‘If you look at the numbers, your chances of being hurt by a great white shark, they’re actually one in 37 million,’ Montgomery said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Thursday. “Whereas your chances of being injured by a toaster or a toilet or a room freshener are much higher than that!”

“Citing a 1984-1987 study showing 1,600 New Yorkers suffering from bites from other humans, Montgomery stressed that shark attacks against humans pale in comparison. ‘If you’re not afraid to go into your bathroom where the deadly toilet is lurking, or into the kitchen where, oh no, there might be a malfunctioning toaster,’ she said, ‘you shouldn’t be afraid to go into the waters of the Cape.’”

Traveling in styleTraveling in style. The New York Times asks various stylish designers, chefs, singers and artists, what they pack. “When it comes to travel, they focus on the same things: the right bag, clothing that doesn’t wilt during a long flight, and the best tech and audio gear” – and the right book. Andrew Smith, a Detroit car guy — executive director, global, Cadillac design – told the Times, on June 2, “I typically also take a couple of novels” And for this trip: “I just bought The Soul of an Octopus.” Of course. It’s the Cadillac of octopus books.

Number One in the Pacific Northwest. As of May 26, The Soul of an Octopus continues to be a popular choice for readers:

#1 – Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

#7 – New England Independent Booksellers Association

#4 – Northern California Independent Booksellers Association

#15 – New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association

#6 – Midwest Independent Booksellers Association

And it is at number 7 on the New York Times Animals Best Seller list for June.

Shark! Sy’s newest book for young readers, The Great White Shark Scientist, is being greeted with great reviews:

  • A powerfully persuasive book &#hellip; a convincing attitude changer that adults might find engrossing enough to read at the beach.
    — The Huffington Post
  • Prepare to be enveloped in saltwater air and dizzying blue water in this latest entry from veteran author Montgomery… Exceptionally written and highly recommended for those looking to give a timely summer boost to STEM collections.
    – School Library Journal, starred review
  • This appreciative introduction to a much-maligned species will thrill readers while it encourages them to see great white sharks in a new way.
    —Kirkus, starred review
  • Montgomery’s play-by-play narration and Ellenbogen’s dramatic photos give the scientific excursion a thrilling sense of immediacy that should leave readers feeling like they’re along for the voyage.
    — Publishers Weekly
  • One minute Montgomery recounts the technical details of shark tracking, the next minute relays the steps she needs to take to be safe on the ocean, and the next narrates an all-out shark chase, as researchers on a boat and in a plane work together in a successful shark identification bonanza. This approach fully immerses readers in the field research experience, as do the excellent photographs of people, sharks, and the environment.
    — The Horn Book
  • A fine addition to the ever-popular shark shelf.
    — Booklist, Starred Review
  • Thoughtfully presented with focus and accessibility [and] ample delight for thrill seekers.
    — The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books