Praise for How to be a Good Creature from the Today Show

Today Show: 5 books to read today

“Beautiful … profound … transformative”— heady praise for How to be a Good Creature from the folks at the Today Show. Check out the other great books they recommend, too.

The Good Good Pig is still winning friends. His memoir – as grunted and snuffled to Sy – is now in its 20th printing. There are more than 117,000 copies of the paperback in print.

The Travels of a Very Smart Octopus. Inky’s Amazing Escape is a Junior Library Guild Selection.

Sy was a guest again on one of her favorite radio broadcasts, Living on Earth. She was discussing the wonderful stories she chose for Best Science and Nature Writing 2019. Here’s the link to the whole show. (All the stories well worth listening to.)

Stylin' with these underbritches from
Stylin’ with these underbritches from

Octovision. The folks at CBS Sunday Morning are the latest to be charmed by Octopuses:

“Chip Reid visits scientists at New England Aquarium in Boston, and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., and talks with Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of an Octopus, about these curious creatures.” Catch the January 12 show here.

OctoDay-by-OctoDay. Wisconsin Public Radio is reading The Soul of an Octopus – the entire book – on their show Chapter a Day.

The Soul of an Octopus has returned to The New York Times Bestseller List! The Octo was swimming at #11 on January 5, and #13 on January 12 on the nonfiction paperback list. A lot of folks must have found Sy’s octo book under their tree this Christmas – or stuffed in eight Christmas stockings.