Talking Sharks

Sy in the shark cage with photographer Keith Ellenbogen
Sy in the shark cage with photographer Keith Ellenbogen
Sy was on Here & Now to talk about sharks and our fear of them. About her first dive she says: “Although my heart was pounding when I went down in the cage — when I actually saw the sharks, instead of feeling at all frightened I was engulfed with this sense of tranquility.” Listen to the short interview here.

Sy has more to say about sharks and our fears in a story she wrote for the online journal Aeon: “Danger girl —What I learned about fear, sex, desire and dread from the peculiar pleasures of diving with great white sharks.” Read it here.

Dobra świnka, dobra’! That’s Good Good Pig in Polish. In 2015 The Good Good Pig will be published in Poland. Christopher Hogwood has already ventured overseas in Dutch, British, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese editions. He always enjoyed (unauthorized) tours around the neighborhood. Now that pig is an international traveler.

Cheetahs take Chicago. The Chicago Public Library has chosen Chasing Cheetahs as one of the Best Informational Books for Older Readers of 2014.

Chasing Cheetahs has been chosen by Smart Books for Smart Kids as one of the Best Science Books for Children in 2014:

“Chasing Cheetahs educates readers in a most fascinating way about the importance of the survival of cheetahs as a species; as predators they play an important role in the circle of life, controlling populations of antelope. The photographs in Chasing Cheetahs by Nic Bishop are outstanding, offering us a glorious glimpse into Namibia’s cheetah habitat; it’s the next best thing to being there.

“The lessons to be learned about the way cheetahs live and are being threatened are thought provoking. If this one species of wild animals is at risk at the hand of humans then we must ask what other animals do we adversely affect? What are the consequences? How can we change this? Reading about Dr. Laurie Marker and her journey to save cheetahs is priceless. What children will take away from this book is that one person with great passion (and a good education) can accomplish goals that – while at first may seem impossible – are not only attainable, but can make a huge and lasting difference in this world.” You can read more here.

Harlow Rosemary Quail's drawing of  the walking or flamboyant cuttlefishSy is immensely enjoying the big piles of letters and drawings from students at West Clay Elementary in Carmel, Indiana, with whom she recently visited, and Metawee Community School in West Pawlett, Vt., with whom she scyped last week. In our scype session, we focused on coral reef animals. This drawing, by the talented Harlow Rosemary Quail, depicts the walking or flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi), an Indo-Pacific relative of the octopus, displaying a threatening pattern of bright colors.