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We Love Turtles! And Octopuses!

Matt talks to school kids
Matt brings the turtle gospel to Tenacre School

Kids, octopuses, good creatures all. After a warm welcome for Sy and Matt in Stoughton, Mass., they headed to Tenacre Country Day School in Wellesley to meet awesome earth lovers before the octo finale at Stoughton Library.

Sign: We love turtlesWelcome to Tenacre Sy!







Two Octopuses with top hatsWhat is intelligence? How can we recognize it in other lifeforms on Earth, as well as in space? Sy talks to Cosmic Connection.

A table covered with Sy Montgomery's books
The Sy Channel. A full table of her books.

Sy loved hanging out with 500 librarians at the combined conference of the Utah Library Association and Mountain Plains Library Association. Sy’s keynote address was received with a standing ovation. Thank you to Patrick Horcherl, Marissa Bischoff, and all the other librarian/superheroes who made Sy feel so welcome.

Librarians buying Sy Montgomery's books

The Book of Turtles has won the gold medal from the Cook Prize. The prize honors the best STEM picture book for children aged 8 to 10 and it is chosen by them. This year more than 11,000 children across the United States, Europe, and Asia voted. And they have spoken. They love The Book of Turtles.

Sy and Matt talked turtles with Connecticut Public Radio’s podcast, Where We Live. Listen here.